About Us

Who We Are

The St. Mechtilde Music Festival is held in Denver, Colorado at Our Lady of the Snow Church. It is an event for singing Traditional Catholic music for the glory of God, for improving your technique, and having fun with singers from far and wide. 

Our Lady of the Snow is a parish of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI), based in Omaha, Nebraska. For more information about the CMRI, click here: www.cmri.org


The Music

The music of the Catholic Church spans centuries and cultures, from Gregorian Chant to the polyphany of Palestrina and into the early 20th century. Repertoire will include both Gregorian and polyphonic Masses, hymns, and chant for each day. Attendees may submit music to share with the group, either by bringing copies to the festival or by posting a link to our facebook page.


The Patron

Gifted with a beautiful voice, St. Mechtilde possessed a special talent for rendering the solemn and sacred music over which she presided as domna cantrix. All her life she held this office and trained the choir with indefatigable zeal. Divine praise was the keynote of her life; in His revelations Christ was wont to call her His "nightingale". Souls thirsting for consolation or searching for enlightenment sought her advice; learned Dominicans consulted her on spiritual matters. Those who praise God with their voices should keep her as a special patron and ask her assistance to offer up their talents for the greater glory of God.


The Experience

Singers and musicians gather to learn new Masses and hymns together, as well as work on their vocal technique and choir dynamic under the instruction of professional teachers. New repertoire is applied toward singing three High Masses over the course of three days, as well as recording for publication. At the festival's end, participants can take center stage for open mic night to perform any kind of music or skit. Friends are made and memories shared as people from different places and parishes come together over a love of music that gives glory to God.


The Teachers

We are most fortunate to  have as our teachers again this year Dr Bradley Thompson and Michelle Thompson of Metropolitan State University of Denver. This will be their 8th year with us; all have enjoyed and greatly benefited from their instruction in years past. In addition to teaching college voice students and performing professionally, the husband and wife team have a deep appreciation for classical sacred music.


The Organizers

Fr. Casimir Puskorious, CMRI, is the festival's earthly patron, who conceived the idea for a weekend gathering of Traditional Catholic choirs. We thank him and welcome him to the festival as our instructor of organ playing!

Mary Hopkins is the festival chair as well as the choir director at Our Lady of the Snow Church.

Claire Kosovich is the festival co-chair and resident organist.