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This Year's Music


Below are the pieces we will learn and sing at the three Masses this year. The selections in bold letters are those that we will focus on learning and will use for working on technique. Click on the links to be taken to recordings and practice files of each where available.
Friday evening - Feast of St Anne

   Mass of the Shepherds by Yon               

   Diffusa Est by Nanini                               

   O Quam Amabilis by Rossini

   Lady in Sorrow


Saturday evening - Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary

   Gregorian Mass X

   Dixit Maria by Hassler (polyphonic)    recording      practice files

   O Memoriale by Palestrina                        recording       practice files

   Ave Maria by Biebl                                      recording


Sunday - 7th Sunday after Pentecost

   Missa Super Dixit Maria by Hassler     recording      practice files 

   In Te Speravi by Hassler                         recording

   Adoro Te arr. by Cekada                          recording      practice files

   Ave Verum by De Prez                                recording        practice files

   Sicut Cervus by Palestrina                          recording

   If Ye Love Me by Tallis                                 recording


   Ave Maris Stella by Hassler                        recording

   Cantate Domino by Hassler                       recording       practice files

   Dixit Maria by Hassler (homophonic)


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