There was such excellent and helpful instruction over the course of our the weekend, but it can be hard to remember everything. Here are some things to take home. (Contact us if you have other points you'd like us to add!)

  • The higher women sing, the more open the vowels should be

  • The higher men sing, the more closed the vowels should be

  • Notes are like sharks - they need to be moving or they'll die

  • Lift the soft palate, keep lots of space

  • Drop your jaw when singing very high or very low

  • Women: modify vowels at the high F range and above, and don't overemphasize the consonants

  • Men: use closed vowel sounds in your high range - e's and u's

  • More energy to hit high notes - keep air flowing with support and lift from the abdominals

  • Singing softly should be intense and full of energy, not lazy

  • Sing like women! (If you are one)

  • Keep the air moving through long phrases

  • Take low full breaths

  • Keep the corners of the mouth tucked in

  • The best forests of made of beautiful trees - be a beautiful tree and sing out

  • Pay attention to when your polyphonic line has something interesting going on, and bring it out

  • Directors: Don't be afraid to change up the tempo and keep your singers on their toes